2019 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology

October 15 – 18, 2019, Waltham, MA USA

Preliminary Technical Program

15 October 2019

Tuesday Morning, 15 October 2019
8:00 am – 12:00 noon:  Tutorial Session 1
12:10 pm – 1:30 pm:  Luncheon for Tutorial Attendees
8:30 am:   Student Day

Tuesday Afternoon, 15 October 2019, Eden Vale B and C
1:30 pm:  Introduction, Jeffrey S. Herd, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
1:42 pm:  Introduction to the Technical Program, Alan J. Fenn, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
1:47 pm:  Plenary Session Introduction

1:50 pm – 5:20 pm: Session 1: Plenary Session

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm: Welcome Reception / Cocktail Hour  

16 October 2019

Wednesday Morning, 16 October 2019

Session 2: European Phased-Array Systems and Technology I (Special Session) – Eden Vale
Co-Chairs: Alfonso Farina; Michael Brandfass

Session 3:  Beamforming and Calibration I – Eden Vale Ballroom
Co-Chairs: James Krieger/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Dan Culkin/Northrop Grumman

Session 4:  Array Design I – Emerson Room
Co-Chairs: Will Moulder/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Chi-Chih Chen/Ohio State University

Session 5:  Signal Processing and Architectures I – Cambridge Room
Co-Chairs: Jon Doane/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Cathy Keller/MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Session 6: Radar I – Lincoln Room
Co-Chairs: Glenn Meurer/MITRE; Donald McPherson/SRC, Inc.

Wednesday Afternoon, 16 October 2019

Session 7:  European Phased-Array Systems and Technology II  (Special Session) – Eden Vale B
Co-Chairs: Alfonso Farina; Michael Brandfass

Session 8:  Beamforming and Calibration II – Eden Vale Ballroom C
Co-Chairs: William Weedon/Applied Radar Inc.; Mike Cooley/Northrop Grumman

Session 9:  Array Design II – Emerson Room
Co-Chairs: Peter Hurst/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Glenn Hopkins/Georgia Tech Research Institute

Session 10:  Honoring Hans Steyskal (Special Session) – Cambridge Room
Co-Chairs: TBD

Session 11:  Signal Processing and Architectures II – Lincoln Room
Co-Chairs: Matt Facchine; Mark McLure

Poster Session 1 – Upper Foyer
Co-Chairs: Pierre Dufilie/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; TBD

17 October 2019

Thursday Morning, 17 October 2019

Session: 12:  5G Arrays I – Eden Vale Ballroom B
Co-Chairs: Raoul Ouedraogo/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Jonathon Williams/ Teradyne

Session: 13:  Dual-Polarization Weather Radar (Special Session) – Eden Vale Ballroom C
Co-Chairs: Mark Weber; Kurt Hondl

Session: 14:  Beamforming and Calibration III – Emerson Room
Co-Chairs: Jack Schuss; David Mooradd

Session: 15:  Array Design III – Cambridge Room
Co-Chairs: Paolo Rocca; Bob Mailloux

Session: 16:  Metamaterial Phased Arrays – Lincoln Room
Co-Chairs: John Volakis/Florida International University; Eli Brookner/Raytheon (retired)

Thursday Afternoon, 17 October 2019

Session: 17:  5G Arrays II – Eden Vale Ballroom B
Co-Chairs: Kenneth Kolodziej/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; TBD

Session: 18:  Wideband Array Apertures (Special Session) – Eden Vale Ballroom C
Co-Chairs: Wajih Elsallal; Rick Kindt

Session: 19:  Asia-Pacific Phased-Array Systems and Technology (Special Session) –  Emerson Room
Co-Chairs: Nick Buris/Shanghai University; Jiro Hirokawa/Tokyo Institute of Technology

Session: 20:  Radar II – Emerson Room
Co-Chairs: TBD

Session: 21:  Transmit/Receive (T/R) Modules – Cambridge Room
Co-Chairs: David Conway/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Tracy Wallace/Georgia Institute of Technology

Session: 22:  Signal Processing and Architectures III – Lincoln Room
Co-Chairs: TBD

Poster Session 2 – Upper Foyer
Co-Chairs: Pierre Dufilie/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; TBD

18 October 2019

Friday, 18 October 2019

8:00 am – 12:00 noon: Tutorial Session 2
12:15 pm – 1:15 pm:  Luncheon for Tutorial Attendees
1:30 pm:  Symposium Adjourned